About us

Experience and History

1975  Our main designer started studying under a famous painter in Japan.
1992  He learned product design and Architectural design at a Japanese famous art college.
1998  He started product design by SOHO(R-design).
1998  He experienced designer and product planner at the product design company of Mitsubishi motor.
2003  Establish Seeds planning ltd. in Nagoya,Japan.
     and contracted with Mitsubishi heavy industry co.,ltd to develop machine and equipment
2004  He worked in Yamaha motor for global product planning.

2006  His family got a son, and he started to develop the baby products for son.
2006  Contract with Japanese baby product trading company
     *Our main designer dispatch to management
2006  Establish a new brand(farska) concept as Something new & Simple design
     and we developed 1st series. *Folding mat and High chair were base on partner's basic design.
     <1st generation>
2007  Contract with 3 factories to start production outsource in China
2010  Started "babubu" project
2010  3-member dispatched to China to control the development and management
2010  The company move to Toyohashi, Japan
2011  Participate in the "Hong Kong Baby Product Fair 2011" with old products as farska specs
2011  Established babubu limited in British Overseas Territories for third‐country trade
2012  Participate in the "Hong Kong Baby Product Fair 2012" with old products and proto type products
2012  Participate in the "Internal Sneak preview" in Tokyo with proto type2
2012  Developed Safety Grow up siries with Japanese standard and applied the global patents.
     <2nd generation>
2012  Contract with Japanese distributer to start the test selling in Japan
2013  Designed the proto type of FLEXIBAR, BOUND COT, STRECH CHAIR and applied global patents. babubu-jp2
2013  Added overseas trading staff and development staff
2013  Participate in the "CMBE Shanghai 2013"
2014  Contract with French dtributor "BBcobio" to expand the our market
2014  Developed EN standard products and applied the global patents.
     <3nd generation>
2014  Established babubu trade shanghai ltd in China
2014  Contract with new distributor in Japan
2014  Exhibit our products in "Kids&Baby show 2014" in Japan
2014  Exhibit our products in the "Kind + Jugend 2014 in Germany" by French distributor
2015  Exhibit our products in the "Cool Paris Expo 2015" by French distributor
2016  Participate in the "Hong Kong Baby Product Fair 2016"
2016  Contract with distributor in China to provide the trial marketing model(Babybed with deskbaord)
2016  Contract with agent distributor of Thailand
2016  Contract with agent distributor of Hong Kong&Macau
2016  Change the company name to "BABUBU LIMITED"
2017  Participate in the "CBME Shanghai 2017" in Japanese pavilion
2018  Contracted with new agent distributor in Japan 2018  Developed the crib with some new functions and applied the global patents
baby bed-bo01
2019  Developed the safety co-sleep bed fence and applied the global patents
bed fence02
2019  Developed the minimum specification version "BED FENCE Lite" in response to market demands
bed fence02
2020  Contracted with agent distributor in Taiwan
2021  Under development some new products!

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